Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Plainclothes officers on lookout for litterbugs - The Star

June 14, 2017

PLAINCLOTHES enforcement officers from Ipoh City Council are now on the prowl to look out for litterbugs and to issue them with compounds.
Ipoh Datuk Bandar Datuk Zamri Man said the latest strategy by the city council to have “undercover” enforcement officers issuing compounds was aimed at deterring people from littering and creating illegal dumpsites.
“We have always been stern when it comes to litterbugs.
“This is our last resort after all other measures, which include warnings and advices, have failed,” he said in a statement.
“We hope the continued observation effort by our enforcement officers can solve the garbage and litterbug issues in the city,” he said.
Zamri said the latest incident occurred on June 8, whereby a Bangladeshi worker was issued with a RM100 compound under Section 47 (1)(a) of the Building, Street and Drainage Act.
The worker, he said, was found to be discarding rubbish at Lorong Taman Ipoh 1 in Ipoh Garden South.
“During our observation from 9am to noon, we have issued six compounds worth RM950 in fine under the Act and Garbage Disposal, Collection and Waste Disposal By-law to traders,” he said.
“This included cases whereby shopowners did not have garbage bins after being advised to do so,” he added.
Zamri said the city council issued 627 compounds worth RM86,440 in fine last year.
“As of May this year, some 1,579 compounds worth RM332,600 in fine have been issued,” he said.

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