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Instilling good waste management principles in students - The Star

24 June 2017

EXXONMOBIL Chemical Malaysia Sdn Bhd together with the Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA) recently collaborated on the 2017 Eco-Rangers programme, an initiative designed to educate and create awareness among students on effective waste management.
Lending her support to the launch of this year’s activities was Selangor Environment Department director Siti Zaleha Ibrahim.
Students were taught the basics of waste management, from its collection, transportation and processing, as well as recycling and disposal.
These included recycling techniques through composting and anaerobic digestion, and do-it- yourself crafts and fine arts by upcycling recyclables into flower crafts, plastic bricks, stationery and more.
A total of 360 primary and secondary students from six schools in the Klang Valley participated in the Eco Ranger programme, which was held at SMK Damansara Damai 1 in Petaling Jaya.
Each participating school also received a recycling corner with three bins for the collection of recyclables.
MPMA executive director ST Giam said: “The Urban Well-being, Housing and Local Government Ministry reported saving RM7mil in operational costs for landfill management after the separation at source programme was introduced in seven states.
“This clearly shows that the public can contribute positively towards waste management by reducing the amount of waste going into landfills through practising waste separation.
“MPMA launched the Eco-Ranger programme in collaboration with E Ijau and ExxonMobil this year to create awareness that the presence of waste materials such as used plastics in our environment was largely due to a lackadaisical attitude and a lack of knowledge among the public on how to treat their rubbish”.
ExxonMobil Public and Government Affairs general manager for the subsidiaries in Malaysia Sukiman Mohamed said: “The way forward to effective waste management, be it litter or waste generated at public areas, homes or schools, is via education and proper waste management practices.
“By introducing the Eco-Rangers programme in schools, we will be able to instil good waste management principles in our students from young, which they will in turn share with their peers, friends and families”.
The MPMA-ExxonMobil Eco-Ranger Programme exposes students to various methods of waste management for different types of waste through hands-on activities and group projects.
It also aims to drive innovation and creativity among students on reusing and recycling plastics, which would reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

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